Monday, October 26, 2015

Class C7A - What Are They Doing?

Junior 3 - Teacher Mariana Grassi - Marista João Paulo II


My Junior 3 students at Marista João Paulo created a game on TinyTap app. The game works fine on any computer, but you can also download TinyTap on your tablet/iPad.

We were studying the present continuous when they created these games. This activity was a wrap up.
How to play the game: you listen to the sentence and click on the correct picture.

What Are They Doing?
by Isabela Pacheco de Andrade and Thales Belus Henriques

by Letícia Costa de Gusmão Hungria and Marian Eduarda Vieira Santos

by André Rimes Soares Pinto and Augusto Cesar Abdala Silva

What Are They Doing?
by Danilo Santos de Castro Vieira and Karina Vianna Bloch

by Julia Henriques Bulgarin and Marcello Emílio Poltronieri



During children's day week, we made some play doh and had lots of fun!
Check out our pics!

Here are some random pics that I took during our classes.

That's all, folks!

Thank you!

by: Teacher Mari Grassi

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