Friday, November 13, 2015

Class C7 - Space Station

Junior 3 - Teacher Juliana Benedetti - Marista João Paulo II

Throughout Unit 5, C7 went through a great adventure in space.

The space station and the astronaut.
Unit 5 - Good Food. The students had the opportunity to know and discuss about space stations and the astronauts' lives. They gave their opinion about the type of food the astronauts eat and where they store their food. After that, they were able to make fridges and cabinets to store the astronauts' food. 

They were able to talk about food and learn how different types of food are stored. By the end of this lesson, they were not able to use 'There is' and 'There are' properly yet. However, they could express themselves describing what they had in their fridges and cabinets.

They went to a space restaurant and they made their own menu. We could practice asking and answering about the availability of food, about prices and we could talk about food likes and dislikes.

The space restaurant.

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  1. Thank you Juliana for your good job with the childrens. This semester was so meaningful to them. They have improved their skills as a group and individually. You are a great teacher and my daughter loves your classes.