Thursday, November 12, 2015

Class B2A* - Look at What We Did :)

Junior 2 - Teacher Cecília Umetsu - Marista João Paulo II

Spider Surprise

Students made by themselves their own spider in order to do the dialogue.
Look how happy we are creating our props :)
(Os alunos fizeram sua aranha para encenar o diálogo.)

Father´s Day

We prepared together a little memento for our heroes!
(Fizemos uma lembrancinha do Dias dos Pais)

Spelling bee

In pairs, we competed to see which pair was faster to spell the word in the ipad.
(Em pares, competimos para ver quem escreve a palavra mais rápido no ipad)

Children´s Day

In our special day, we did a rocket and play-doh.
(No nosso dia, fizemos um foguete e massinha de modelar)

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