Friday, November 13, 2015

Class C7 - Jill's Gang

Junior 3 - Teacher Juliana Benedetti - Marista João Paulo II

My Junior 3 students had a great time creating and interacting with Jill's gang. Jill is a nice and friendly monster girl. She is nine years old and she has her own group of friends. The students were able to interact with Jill's gang throughout Units 1 and 2. 

These are Jill's friends.
Unit 1 - Family and friends. The students were divided into groups. Each group had to make one of Jill's friends. They drew and used body parts to make the characters. With the characters posters, throughout the lessons, we were able to practice body parts, describe physical characteristics, ask and answer about physical appearance, review vocabulary for facial features and hair color or type and talk about best friends. They built an incredible rapport with the gang and had lots of fun.

Making a zoo!
Unit 2 - Wild animals. It's Cindy's birthday and the whole gang is going to the zoo. The students were divided into two groups and each group was responsible for a part of the zoo. Each group was responsible for some animals. With the zoo and the gang we were able to practice wild animals vocabulary, discuss animals characteristics and ask and answer questions using articles (What's this? It's a/an).

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