Friday, November 13, 2015

Class D3 SIGMA - Junior 4 - Teacher Laryssa

Junior 4 - Teacher Laryssa Araújo - Sigma Asa Sul

Unit 8 - How We Travel

In order to put into practice what the students have learned about different types of transport and giving directions, we decided to do something fun and  make our own vehicles and city!

The students made their vehicle out of recyclable materials brought to the classroom by themselves.

They were very creative! Let's see their creations: 

A Rocket!

An alien spaceship!

Airplanes and a skateboard!

A plane!

A food truck!

A police car!

A bus!

A crazy fun car!

After having the vehicles made, they put to use what they had learned in the previous unit: names of stores! They created a city center full of stores and nice places to go.

Then, it was time for the real thing! The students were paired up. One of the students from each pair entered the city holding his/her vehicle and the other one had to be outside of the city. The student who was inside would say "I want to go to... (name of a place)" and the other student would have to give the right directions.

They had lots of fun walking around with their creations in their own city!!

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